Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions 

"We, us" means smart set cleaners Ltd 

"You"  means you the ,customers 

We at Smart Set Cleaners Ltd do our best to satisfy customers with the highest level of the cleaning standards,handling of items, stain removal, garments pressing (ironing) and customer service.

we reserve the right to change prices and terms and conditions of the business. we cannot always disguise natural flaws or totally remove adhesives, or stretching techniques employed by the manufacturer. These items may “age” after cleaning. All items are therefore only accepted by us for cleaning at your own risk.Always check your items before taking them our of the shop.

we do not use electric iron but only for emergencies, 95% of the items are pressed on steam iron and Hoffman press so there is 0 chance of burning any item .Our staff has been trained by SATRA technologies since 2008.
We do not take responsibility for broken or loose buttons , lost buttons ,items left in the pockets, faded items , torn items, and colour loss. Customers must make sure that pockets are empty and that the garments are strong enough for the dry cleaning process.
We do our best to remove stain, but some stains are impossible to remove. Therefore, we can not guarantee stains removal.
We are not responsible for damages of an item which does not have cleanig instructions or care table.
Items not collected within 2 months are disposed off . We are not responsible for giving any items back to the customers without the receipt.We follow our best  cleaning procedures to clean items but damages are possible sometimes, if we end up damaging any item , the maximum compensation we offer is the 10 times values of the cleaning price of an item .If your items are too expensive pleaae let us know before booking your items for cleaning so can make appropriate changes.
For the washing, customers must bring their whites and dark in separate bags and give clear instructions. Pairs like gloves or socks are often missed at home by customers, or they get lost  ,we do not take responsibility for any socks lost, colour run, etc, in service washes process.
Bulky curtains always tend to shrink a few cms due to a long period of hanging, but once they are hanged for some time, they stretch back due to their weight, therefore we do not accept responsibility for shrinkage.